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Vectra H1 3D Imaging System

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Our goal is to provide an individualised service and personalised treatments to achieve the best results possible.

An important part of this process involves careful facial assessment followed by precise treatment planning. Standardised before and after photographs are an important tool to assist with planning a treatment as well as reviewing the results afterwards. We have chosen to use the Canfield Vectra H1 3D camera for this purpose. Canfield is a market leader in clinical photography and the images produced are outstanding.

These photographs provide the ultimate aid to discuss treatment options and review outcomes. We are also able to generate treatment simulations to enable you to view what a proposed treatment is may look like.

The Canfield system also allows us to analyse your skin, specifically highlighting redness or pigmentation. This enables us to make more informed decisions about the best skincare to prescribe or which other treatments may be beneficial.


Clinical photos using the Canfield Vectra H1camera are included in the initial consultation and at regular intervals after treatment completion.

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