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V2 Beauty Bootser

What is the V2 Vital Injector?

The V2 injector is a novel device that is revolutionary in the way we deliver dermal filler products to the skin.

This treatment utilises a ‘thin’ dermal filler to treat the face, décolletage and hands as well as 'difficult' areas such as the lower eyelid, crows feet, areas around the mouth and neck. This device accurately delivers a fixed dose of a skin booster to a precise depth resulting in a very consistent overall treatment.

The V2 Beauty Booster treatment targets dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles and is regenerative in nature. The aim is to hydrate the skin and stimulate fibroblasts to achieve a lighter, smoother and softer skin.


It is expected that results following the initial course of treatment will last 12 months or more.

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